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CIYCEE exhibition

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Exhibition of the 1st China International Youth Conference on Electrical Engineering, which will be held at Huazhong
University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.The industrial exhibition space will be arranged to provide maximal exposure to the conference
participants during poster sessions and breaks. We invite you to share information about your company and wish you have a wonderful experience in Wuhan!

Exhibition details1. Exhibition purpose
Exhibit hall provides a physical space to promote products, services, and brands. The hall locates outside the poster and oral presentation room and is a place
with high-traffic. During the conference break, food and beverages are served at the hall to help draw in conference attendees. It provides you with great
opportunities to communicate with the attendees who may be attracted by your companies. It is also a good chance to recruit prospective graduates for
your company since it is a student conference.

2. Exhibition arrangement
● We will provide you with a 3m*3m booth for exhibition. For your convenience, the exhibition tables and two chairs will be provided.
● Each of the booth can have two registration representatives (includes access to all technical sessions, coffee breaks, the Welcome Reception and food tickets).
● The representatives should move in all the stuff to show at scheduled time.
● All exhibits must be opened and staffed during the show hours. Exhibitors will be allowed into the Expo one hour prior to the opening. Exhibitors will be
required to exit the Expo as soon as the show closes each night.

3. Exhibition schedules
4. Exhibition fee
5000 RMB/booth
The full payment of a booth includes:
● A skirted table and two chairs for exhibition with a standard sigh indicating the company on the exhibition. (More table requirements should be put
forward 2 weeks before the exhibition)
● Perimeter security guard service during all show hours (24-hours)
● Access to all the technical sessions for two registration representatives.
● Food ticket of lunch, dinner and welcome reception during the conference.

5. Exhibition registration deadline
All the registration and full-payment for exhibition should be completed before 30th September.

For more information and questions, please contact or (+86) 134 1961 2307.
Regulations and rules: coming soon
Registration form: coming soon

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