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Volunteers are needed during CIYCEE 2020. Below is brief description of roles and responsibilities. Assistants volunteer are not limited to the
number of sessions/events and we highly suggest that one assistants volunteer for at least 2-3 sessions/events. The volunteer opportunity is
exclusive to students.

Session Assistant:Session Assistants will be required to act as room monitors, audiovisual assistants, and runners for their respective sessions. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the session and to stay 10 minutes after the session.

Room Monitor:Check that each attendee possesses a badge before they enter the room. There is no need to check names. But you need to stop an attendee
without a badge and ask them to show you their conference badge or request that they register prior to attending the sessions.Provide the Session Chairs assistance when needed.

Audio/Visual Assistant● Provide audiovisual assistance to presenters and session chairs when needed.
● If a problem arises that you cannot immediately assist, contact the Conference Manager.

RunnerProvide assistance to conference managers where needed, this may conclude but is not limited to the following:
● Download presenter presentation onto session computers
● Traffic control
● Badge check
You may be asked to act as Session Assistance for more than one session if necessary.

Event Assistant:In addition to sessions, we also need volunteers to help at a few of our special events. These events may include the Opening Reception/Dinner,
Tea breaks, Awards Luncheon .Responsibilities at these functions will vary from checking name badge, traffic control, handing out information and
other tasks.
Please plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to posted time.

Sign up and registrationAll volunteers will receive a complimentary paper award and one hard disk.
Volunteers who sign up for at least 2 sessions receive free admission to all technical sessions on the day(s) of the sessions they are signed up for.
Technical session admission only allows admittance into that day’s technical sessions and does not allow attendance to meals or other events outside
the session.If volunteers would like to attend all events, they must sign up and pay for the all event.
Student registration.

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