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Paper submission: Sep 15,2020   Sep 25, 2020

Author notification: Sep 30,2020   Oct 15, 2020

Registration deadline: Oct 15,2020   Oct 29, 2020

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China International Youth Conference on Electrical Engineering (CIYCEE 2020) will be held in
HUST, Wuhan, China from Nov.2nd~4th. CIYCEE is an integrated platform for the young students
and professionals all over the world to investigate the future electrical engineering technologies.
Following the spirit of IEEE IAS, linking research to practice, leading industry and academic experts
in these fields will be invited to present latest technical achievements and share practical experience
to the participants.

Technical papers are solicited on any subject pertaining to the scope of the conference, which
includes, but is not limited to, the following major topics:

Power System and Automation
● Renewable and sustainable energy applications
● Smart grid and utility applications
● HVDC technologies and applications
● Other topics in power system
Power Electronics Technology and Application
● Power converter topology
● Control, modeling and optimization of power converter
● Power semiconductor devices, passive components,
packaging, integration and materials
● Other topics in power electronics

Electric Machine Design and Control
● Electric machines
● Electric machine drives
● Other topics in electric machine

High Voltage and Insulation Technology
● High voltage testing and measurement
● Sensing, monitoring and diagnostics
● Transients, grounding system and EMC
● Other topics in high voltage and insulation technology

Electrotechnical Theory and New Electromagnetic Technology
● Electrical measurement and intelligent instrument
● Superconducting
● Other topics in Electromagnetic technology

High Magnetic Field Engineering and Fusion Technology
● Fusion and Plasma research
● Pulsed strong magnetic field technology
● Other topics in high magnetic field engineering and fusion technology

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Paper Submission: The deadline for submission of papers has been extended to Sep. 25th, 2020. On-line submission of 5-to-7-page paper is required and facilities are provided on the web site, The digest should be submitted with the corresponding author's information including full mailing address and e-mail address. The digest should include key equations, figures, tables and references as appropriate. The conference will feature oral and poster presentations. 

Resources:Paper Template for IEEE CIYCEE 2020 Wuhan, China (Nov. 2020).



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